Database of Wuhan University Masters

Database of Wuhan University Masters originates from a CALIS (China Academic Library & Information System) program of Wuhan University Library in collaboration with Wuhan University Archive. The database mainly collects related documents of influential Wuhan University masters from different periods of the history of the university, to highlight the scholarly demeanors of Loujia masters, inherit the teachings of the masters, straighten out the cultural lineage of Wuhan University, and promote the academic spirit of the university. According to CALIS criteria for recommending masters and the actual situation of Wuhan University, the first list of 171 masters has been launched into the database, including academicians of Central Research Institute (during the Period of the Republic of China), famous scholars who taught in the university before 1949, professors of the first, second and third national levels appointed in 1956, academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences, academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, senior professors of humanities, and national distinguished teachers of national level from Wuhan University. However, there are still 14 qualified masters not included in the database for lack of sufficient data.

Visitors of the database can browse the information of a master by the Chinese Pinyin of his/her name, his/her disciplinary direction, or the related period in the history of Wuhan University. Full-text links are provided for most books and academic works, while online play is provided for video files. The actual entry state of all the above information can be viewed by a dynamic display on the personal page.

Despite our painstaking efforts, the database is far from being perfect. Errors are unavoidable and some functions need improving, because of limited manpower, and insuperable difficulties in the collection of historical documents,. We sincerely expect your criticism and suggestions. And we welcome teachers and students to provide information related to all the masters whose information are unavailable. We are to update the database constantly and present other types of masters successively.

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