Wuhan University Publications

As a world famous key comprehensive university, Wuhan University is the cradle for generations of renowned masters as famous universities generate famous teachers. From the earliest school site in Dongchangkou to the present campus in Mount Luojia, including the temporary campus in Leshan during the Anti-Japanese War period, Wuhan University has changed its name from Wuchang Higher Normal School to Wuhan National University, and lately to the present new Wuhan University formed from an amalgamation of the former Wuhan University, Wuhan University of Hydraulic and Electric Engineering, Wuhan Technical University of Surveying and Mapping, and Hubei Medical University. It has produced generations of academic masters famous at home and abroad, successively transmitting wisdom and imparting knowledge, writing books about their thoughts here. These masters have left invaluable spiritual legacy for this century-old university, promoting its prestige and spreading its fame far and near.

Throughout its history, Wuhan University has assembled a galaxy of renowned masters and great talents have appeared in succession. Generations of Wuhan University people have been working industriously and made substantial academic achievements, constituting precious spiritual wealth for the university and the whole world. In order to collect extensively and preserve permanently the academic works of Wuhan University people, to maintain and develop Wuhan University publications collection system, as well as to highlight the wisdom of the former great minds and stimulate the younger scholars, Wuhan University Library specially sets up a stack room for Wuhan University publications. Wuhan University Publications mainly collect officially published books of the university. It also collects diaries, notes, letters, manuscripts and other documents of notable specialists, scholars and outstanding alumni from the university as well as other documents with collection value which reflect the history and the present features of Wuhan University. To perfect its collection, Wuhan University Publications publicly collects related documents from teachers, students, alumni of the university.

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