Reading & borrowing
  • Library Collections Distribution
    The main Library mainly holds collections in philosophy, history, economics, politics, law, management, language, literature, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology.
    The Engineering Library mainly holds collections in water resources, electrical engineering, kinetics, civil construction, electronics, mechanics, urban construction and planning, industrial and civil construction.
    The Information Science Library mainly holds collections in engineering surveying, photogrammetry and remote sensing, computer science, geodetic surveying, geographic information engineering, map making, printing technology, design and production of optical electronic instrument, electronic and information technology.
    The Medical Library mainly holds collections in preclinical medicine, clinical medicine, nursing, medical management and stomatology.
  • Direction for the Use of WHU Card
    All readers with Wuhan University card, including registered students, faculty, staff and affiliates, can use collections of Wuhan University Libraries.
    In the best interests of all readers, the Wuhan University card holders should come personally to use the library facilities or check out library materials. The cards that are falsely used by or borrowed to others will be held by the library for three months with their borrowing services suspended. For any questions or problems concerning the use of Wuhan University card in the WHU libraries, please contact our information desk at 86-27-68752903.
  • Loan Period
    Readers are responsible for all books checked out until they are returned. The librarian at the circulation desk in the library can explain specifically the borrowing guidelines and fine policies if you want to learn more. Generally, loan periods are as following: students for PhD degree and Faculty:90 days, students for Master’s degree: 60 days, Others: 30 days. The loan quota for one reader is 30 copies.
  • Renewals & Reserves
    If you want to borrow the book that someone else has checked out, you may reserve it. Reserve requests can be made by phone or online by using ‘My library’ option of the library integrated system. You will be notified once the book is returned. The returned book will be reserved for you to pick up for three days.
    The undergraduate students are allowed for two renewals. The master students, doctoral students and faculties are allowed for one renewal. The renewal period is the same as the loan period.
    If one of your library books has been reserved by others, the library can recall the book. You must return the book by the shortened due date.
  • Overdue Fines & Losses
    The borrower is responsible for the return or renewal of the book on or before the due date. Fines are assessed from the first day an item becomes overdue at the rate of ¥0.1 a day per . Please be aware that all library books are returned on time.
    According to the library rules, readers must pay for any loss or damage to materials they borrowed.
  • Reminder Notices
    The due date notice can be obtained by SMS after you have a registered mobile library account or by e-mail after you provide the e-mail address via ‘My library’ option of the library integrated system.
    The reservation notice can be obtained by e-mail after you provide the e-mail address via ‘My library’ option of the library integrated system.
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